VergeWorld is a retro sci fi shoot'em up/ racer game with elements of world exploration and trading coming to Amiga, Atari, Macintosh and Sega Genesis/ Mega Drive!

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Hi there!

The time has come! The playable Amiga demo of VergeWorld: Icarus is available to download on our website! Visit and try it out! The download section contains adf file ready for emulation.

We are currently working on the versions for Atari ST, Mac and Mega Drive. Amiga version was the first we started developing, so it's the first one to be released. For those waiting for Atari, Mac, and Mega Drive - we ask for your patience. The work is in progress!

If you want to give us any feedback after playing the demo, go to our Discord channel:

final screen

Canyon chase 12 cam shake 300

unnamed 1

VergeWorld: Icarus incoming!

VergeWorld: Icarus incoming!

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New retro game coming to Amiga, Atari, Mac and Mega Drive!

VergeWorld: Devlog #1 - A Journey Forged by Your Feedback

VergeWorld: Devlog #1 - A Journey Forged by Your Feedback


We're excited to take you on a journey through the upcoming improvements and new features we have planned for the next phase of VergeWorld’s development...

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