Vega Strike is an Open Source 3D Action-Space-Sim that lets you trade, fight, and explore in a vast universe. Work is proceeding on both the Vega Strike game engine and a Vega Strike Universe game data set. Both engine and data are in a playable state, but still under development. Each release serves as a beta for both engine and data. The Vega Strike engine serves as the foundation for the Privateer Gemini Gold, Privateer Remake, Vega Trek, and Pi Armada projects.

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Played this game a few years back and remember it was great, only thing is it was realy time consuming and, like previously mentioned, there are no tutorials or guide lines to help new players get started. Getting the big ships is laborious and figuring out ship controls with the scatered keybindings is, for the least, chalenging... Once you get the huge ship and get decent trade routes that's when I got lost a bit, since there was no online option I found myself wandering arround across the univers trading slaves and expensive merchandise without much interest.Item descriptions where great. This game was "work in progress" 6 years ago, I wonder if the game evolved much... I'd have to test it again and give you guys an update.


Wow. Amazing game!


very good for a free game


It's like Free Lancer, only free.
The only thing that I have a hard time figuring out are the controls.
After playing Free Lancer for some time..
I found it hard for me to get used to the keys, but anyway
very good gameplay.
Freaking hell this game deserves a 10.


Game won't even launch.

This game seems cool but i click on play and nothing happens, do i have a lack of ram on my computer or what?

I Improved the thing, now I'm starting to get used of it! But how in the world am I suppose to jump into other orbit?

The interface is terrible. Keybindings are all over the place. No tutorial (that I could find) to explain how to play.

bof bof je trouve...


it dont load

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