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KirbyADF WardogePilot
Nov 16 2014 Anchor

I noticed in the map of the "Battle-Weary World" that there is a lot of unmarked and unnamed land scattered around.

Is there anything else set in stone in terms of nations at the moment? And, if not, could I establish a Nation here?

Nov 16 2014 Anchor

There's much more information regarding the world that is not public yet.

I suggest waiting and looking through the screenshot descriptions for some continent names.

KirbyADF WardogePilot
Nov 16 2014 Anchor

Ok, thanks then. Was worth a shot.

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Nov 16 2014 Anchor

lol, I would certainly love to see an Adopt a Nation fund starting up!

A few neutral city states here, a few semi-industrialized war-economies there...

Nov 16 2014 Anchor

Well you can have these notes I have around to satiate world curiosities:

KirbyADF WardogePilot
Nov 16 2014 Anchor

I noticed that island doesn't have anything written on it :DDDDDDDD

Nov 28 2014 Anchor

What does no exports mean in an international community?

Aug 9 2015 Anchor

I do have a few nations that I'm using for my campaign that i'm working on!

Not sure how I will map them out, but here are some countries I made up:

Country: Derasia "dur-AS-a"

Side: Ally

AWACS: Limelight

Ace Squadron: 117th Special Forces Squadron "Avalon" (Name of the ancient island holding the sword Excalibur, Avalon Team's emblem being a black sword handle up vertically with the sword part in the water. Like this:

Signature Aircraft: F-15E Strike Eagle

Avalon 1 Callsign: Necromancer (Powerful wizard)

Side: Ally

Avalon 2 Callsign: Nine-Ball (LOL, why not?)

Side: Ally, but soon betrayed Derasia and joined the enemy country Farisinia, so Enemy after that. (The twist of my campaign! LOL spoilers!)

Avalon 3 & 4

Avalon Theme Song: Sarah Mclachlan's "Possession"

Possession Piano Version:

Country: Bestia

Side: Ally

AWACS: Fish Eye

Ace Squadron: 154th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Diablo" (NO RELATION TO THE POPULAR VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE; emblem however is the Diablo III dragon face behind the Diablo word:

Signature Aircraft: F/A-18E Super Hornet

Diablo 1 Callsign: Typhon "TI-fun" (Greek personification of devil; most fearsome monster in Greek mythology.)

Side: Ally

Diablo 2 Callsign: Moloch (Ancient Ammonite god.)

Side: Ally

Diablo Theme Song: Rush's "Limelight"

Limelight Piano Version:

Country: Farisinia

Side: Enemy

AWACS: None specific

Ace Squadron: None, except the newly recruited Avalon 2 as Nine-Ball.

Campaign Name: Territory For Rent

Farisinia is a country affected by a major stock market crash. This caused an outrage in many of its cities, which caused the military to snap. They soon wanted to invade the peaceful-until-now country of Derasia. The smaller neighboring country Bestia was in the fray as well, assisting the Derasian military. Soon, an all out war broke mainly between Derasia and Farisinia.

Most of T.F.R. is varied missions. I'm not done with the campaign yet, but I hope for it to be finished. No, I can't do voice acting nor ridiculously advanced actions or triggers. Yes, this will require an unnamed amount of mods, don't know which ones. Yes to custom skins! :)

I'm not sure if ModDB will accept me adding in the music for the squadron theme songs, but I hope they will. I'll probably add one or two of the songs into a few missions.

Anyway, that's all you need to know! I'll probably publish this campaign. If not, well then, uummm... Well, feel free to imagine or make a few pretend missions portraying to this campaign.

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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Aug 9 2015 Anchor

Wrong thread, probably.


anon wrote:

There are only two things in this world worse than Vector Thrust; Star Citizen and No Man's Sky

'anon' wrote: Now I shall use this 'Vector Thrust Threshold' to measure how awful your product is

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