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szboudreau01 Leader of the Belkan Air Force JG1337
Nov 23 2014 Anchor

Hello my friends!
So, out of fear for my owns skins (i'm a possessive idiot ok), I've decided to make this thread for skinners to call dibs on skins.

So, what is dibs?
If you haven't figured out, Dibs just means you claim the skin for your own being-worked-on, and wish not to to see anyone else working on it, unless otherwise specified. Seems a bit harsh, but, sometimes, we just need a little privacy..

When you call dibs, just mention these details above all else:

Origin (your head isn't one, for noone else would dream of what you do for skins)
Skin title

Without further ado, I'll demonstrate with my dibs.

Ace Combat 5
Grabacr squad (the endgame boss bois)

If you feel this is too restricting, then sorry. :P
-Stinger the possessive bitch

Raptor_101 Jet Junkie
Nov 23 2014 Anchor

I think this thread is silly, but useful.

I think many of you already know I've been working on F-15s for a while. This includes:

F-15A: Air Superiority Blue, Ferris
F-15B: Air Superiority Blue, Strike Eagle Evaluation scheme
F-15C: Air Superiority Blue (fictional for this variant, but with markings from an actual aircraft), Visual Signature Reduction Schemes (all three)
F-15E: Visual Signature Reduction Schemes (all three), Strike Eagle Evaluation Scheme (fictional for this variant, would have been used)

I have no clue which scheme to do for the F-15D as there aren't many unique schemes for it besides the 65th FS Aggressors, which I'm pushing off, because I'm sure someone else could do them better than I.

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Nov 24 2014 Anchor

what problem with making same skins


szboudreau01 Leader of the Belkan Air Force JG1337
Nov 24 2014 Anchor

idk honestly i just happen to be a possessive bitch lel

that and repetition

Edited by: szboudreau01

Nov 24 2014 Anchor

Or we can close this thread and compete to see who can make the best mobius (zaku)

Raptor_101 Jet Junkie
Nov 24 2014 Anchor

Haha that would work. He already has all of the templates he needs.

szboudreau01 Leader of the Belkan Air Force JG1337
Nov 25 2014 Anchor

none of us non-gods would be able to win ever
so no, a horrible idea


I call dibs on another plane: The IRL Q-313 livery;

Iran's latest pile of crap
The paint scheme that's been publicized

Need I say more.

Edited by: szboudreau01

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