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PSA: Removing an Action Might Broke the Linked Action Sequence (Games : Vector Thrust : Forum : General Discussion/Support : PSA: Removing an Action Might Broke the Linked Action Sequence) Locked
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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Apr 4 2015 Anchor

Another fatal editor bug, if you remove an action that isn't positioned in the end of the list, it may BROKE the linked action list. i.e if you remove the action no.9, the linked action list will replace the removed action with action no.10 which is now action no.9 upon the deletion of the original action no.9. Also it will cause the last action ID (action with highest ID number) to appear as OUT OF RANGE in the linked action list. Selecting it will crash the game for obvious reason.

Always check your linked action list whenever you remove an action from the list. If you're not sure perhaps "re-arranging" the ID numbers manually using notepad maybe your best bet.

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