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Jun 6 2013 Anchor

It seems the MiG-29s in Vector Thrust use two hardpoints for their Special/Secondary Air-To-Air Missiles. How can I change it to four hardpoints since it's more realistic?

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Jun 7 2013 Anchor

There are some text documents in the MiG-29 Aircraft folders that contain locations for the hardpoints. I dunno how to use them, though. ):

Jun 10 2013 Anchor

I tried changing nHP from 2 to 4 but it still shows two hardpoints. Maybe the MiGs were created with two hardpoints only?

MyHatismyFriend Synchronized Drowning Expert
Jun 10 2013 Anchor

Ah, you're gonna have to provide an x-y-z description for Hardpoints 3 and 4, then. This bit is why I couldn't be bothered feeling around for the correct position to stick the hardpoints. ):

Jun 17 2013 Anchor

It does seems like the Fulcrums in Vector Thrust only use 4 hardpoints. Perhaps the devs or people in the know might wanna shed some light on this?

Jun 18 2013 Anchor

In the game the Fulcrums have been configured to use 8 hardpoints, 4 in each wing.
In the configuration file you can find these fields:

numHardPoints = 4

HP_1_position = "4.589 0.09 2.833 "
HP_1_TwinSymetrical = true
HP_1_TypeWeap = 3

HP_2_position = "3.903 0.077 2.392 "
HP_2_TwinSymetrical = true
HP_2_TypeWeap = 3

HP_3_position = "3.205 0.062 2.005 "
HP_3_TwinSymetrical = true
HP_3_TypeWeap = 3

HP_4_position = "2.405 0.067 1.548 "
HP_4_TwinSymetrical = true
HP_4_TypeWeap = 3

The orientation in the 3d space is:
-X = left
X = Right
Y = Up
-Y = Down
-Z = Front
Z = Back

TwinSymetrical, means that hardpoint has a mirrored position in X.
You can ignore the TypeWeap.

Now to use that hardpoints, go to the weapons fields and you will find something like:
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_indx = 4
This means it is using the forth hardpoint position (2.405 0.067 1.548)

If you want a weapon to be placed in multiple hardpoints, change this field:

And setup weapon configuration to be something like this:

SpecialWeapon_1 = "RBK-500_PTAB-1M_SFFB"
SpecialWeapon_1_ammo = 22

SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_indx = 4
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_HasMesh = true
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_Mesh =  "MiG-29_9-13_HardpE.mesh"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_nWeap =  1
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_wPos_1 =  "0 -0.53 0.131"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_1_wDir_1 =  "0 -0.04 -1"

SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_indx = 3
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_HasMesh = true
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_Mesh =  "MiG-29_9-13_HardpE.mesh"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_nWeap =  1
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_wPos_1 =  "0 -0.53 0.131"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_2_wDir_1 =  "0 -0.04 -1"

I hope this helps, but if you need more information feel free to ask.

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Jun 18 2013 Anchor

Am I the only one who read "TwinSymetrical" as TimeSymetrical?

Jun 20 2013 Anchor

Haha you aren't alone, but why do the secondary weapons use two hard points only?

Jun 24 2013 Anchor

You can add more, just change to something like this:

and then add these lines:

SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_indx = 2
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_HasMesh = true
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_Mesh = "MiG-29_9-13_HardpE.mesh"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_nWeap = 1
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_wPos_1 = "0 -0.53 0.131"
SpecialWeapon_1_HP_3_wDir_1 = "0 -0.04 -1"

Jun 27 2013 Anchor

Will experiment with it and report back. Thanks, timeSymmetry!

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