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Feb 21 2015 Anchor

I agree with most of the complaints about the current AoA system, particularly that fact that it turns your plane into a turret/spaceship and that the airbrake slows your plane down just as much as pulling a cobra. An extreme angle of attack should slow your plane down a lot more and the air resistance should make the plane want to point forward (so you can snap back to 0 AoA very quickly.) Not sure what should happen if the plane is drifting backwards but maybe the engines would shut off. I hope that makes sense.

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Koeben Ground Pounder
Feb 21 2015 Anchor

While we're on this topic, not only should aircraft lose airspeed at high AOA, but they should be prone to stalling so that it isn't abused. Aircraft with better AOA characteristics IRL could stall not as quickly and aircraft with thrust vectoring could just simply not stall but end up flying very slowly.

Feb 22 2015 Anchor

In general I'm in agreement with Ibizen's ideas on the matter. The magnetization should be fixed, speed retention improved, and we should have a set of variables to have an effect on drag while pointing the nose at different angles from the velocity vector.

If those things were implemented, one could work on making forth the game as realistic or newtonian space game as they wanted, imho, especially if speed retention was a set of variables we also had control over.


Swing-Wing Crazy

Feb 22 2015 Anchor

keep in mind the default settings are the ones that will be used in 99.9% of multiplayer matches and affect the metagame (and will also be what most community campaigns are designed around)

Feb 22 2015 Anchor

I'm completely aware of that.


Swing-Wing Crazy

Feb 22 2015 Anchor

If you all don't mind, I'll hijack this thread to post how the edit the AOA parameters for each unit.

At the moment I´m unable to post the values here, but just give me an hour or so and I´m going to edit this post.
Following the discussion on steam, I was considering creating a thread there, but now I´ll use this opportunity to post here first.



SpeedLoss_At90Alpha = "0 30 70"
SpeedLoss_At180Alpha = "0 20 50"


PitchUpEffect_AffectSpeed = "0 0"
PitchUpEffect_ToleranceAngle= 0
PitchUpEffect_EffRate =0
PitchUpEffect_Tumble_ToleranceAngle =0

MovePower_Pitch= "0.5 0.2"
MovePower_Roll= "0.5 0.2"
MovePower_Yaw= "0.5 0.2"
MovePower_Accel= "0.5 0.2"
MovePower_Brake= "0.5 0.2"

StressDamage_Angle= "1.25 0.5 1.75"
StressDamage_SpdVar_Keys= "100 200 300 600"
StressDamage_SpdVar_Values= "0 1 3 9"

DeepStall_Active= false
DeepStall_EffAngles= "0 0"

these values are added by default if the fields are set to 0
(all values of speed are m/s)

Feb 22 2015 Anchor

Awesome, Times. Any chance we could see that magnetization/accelerating along the velocity vector issue fixed?

Also, since a bunch of aircraft completely lack these settings, that means they're using these default values?

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Swing-Wing Crazy

IbizenThoth Gun-crazy
Feb 27 2015 Anchor

So does...

Someone wrote: PitchUpEffect_ToleranceAngle=

...mean that the angle off velocity vector will affect the aircraft's control authority (i.e. make you turn slower at high AoA)?

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