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Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Aug 25 2014 Anchor

I'm currently in progress of ripping AC2 skins atm (thank God it has a model viewer menu), all player textures are in 256x256 while enemy textures (including aces) are in 128x128 therefore I resized them to 256x256 while sacraficing *some* details. Will upload them once I'm done, with the main priority on whatever planes that already in VT.

Some planes have more than 1 texture layers to distinguish top/bottom body color and details and such, but nevertheless I'll upload 'em all.

update: done. Here it is. Every single unit from model viewer has been ripped, excuse for the quality and whatnot.

Forgot about this; all the files uses the following naming convention:
1: player color
2: friendly/wingman color
3: enemy A color
4: enemy B color
named: ace color

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szboudreau01 Leader of the Belkan Air Force JG1337
Aug 25 2014 Anchor

Awesome, thank you. I'll honestly make the skins this time 'round, as I'm actually interested in Ace Combat more than I am AFDS.


Got Tallman and Metal Sphere done with

Tallman flying straight-ish

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mittsommerschnee Vector Thrust α/β Tester
Aug 25 2014 Anchor

Nergal01 wrote: ac2 texture link

Eww... TrueVision Targa files. Either keep them in bitmap or merge the layers into alpha png file.


Noli Timere Messorem
Nergal01 I stopped supporting Vector Thrust. AMA.
Sep 28 2014 Anchor

Finally found alternative way to rip every single texture (including HUD, medals, terrain, menus) using PSicture wih correct color and alpha, will upload soon.

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