[WARNING: Lots of flashing colors! People prone to seizures might want to consider putting on sunglasses or something!] Vanity is a top-down, hectic-paced arcade shooter that challenges reflexes and problem-solving-through-bullets ability. Complete with an awesome soundtrack by Pitfall, bright and vivid disco-style colors, three modes of play, and five challenging boss battles! Made to be simple, fun, and chaotic!

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Vanity now on IndieDB



I've put Vanity on here to get more feedback and suggestions on what I should implement or change! I plan to sell the game on Desura when finished, but I will have free downloads for the latest version available for people to play until it is finished!

I will update either my Blogspot (see website), or this news feed with updates or latest releases.

I might not get a chance to work on the game all the time (School, IRL Stuff, etc), but if you want to help a very tiny bit, you can donate to my moms paypal account on my blogspot (again, see website), which she can use to buy groceries and stuff, which gives me more time to work on the game!

I hope you enjoy my work, and have fun! ;)

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Revision 13

Revision 13

Full Version

Revision 13! Adds Boss 4 and some changes to the shotgun. Click below for a full changelog!

Revision 12

Revision 12

Full Version

Vanity, Revision 12. Now with a simple highscore system, a railgun, and Boss 1!

Ricardo-Stryki - - 8 comments

This game looks great, downloading :3

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