Brief description of gameplay:

The complete instructions for Utopia are available in-game, press the F4 key to see them at any time.
The main goal of Utopia is to out-civilize your opponent. The game takes place over a number of rounds determined by the player, set to a length also determined by the player. Each player has an island which they must develop to increase their people's happiness. At the end of each round, the "happiness" of each island is added to that player's score.

What is new in the remake:

The key update to Utopia in this edition is the interface that surrounds the islands themselves. The original game displayed only the amount of gold you had (for purchasing items), the round, and the time left in that round. With more variables visible to the player at all times it makes gameplay much easier and shows the impact of your actions as they happen.
The only other significant changes to this game are the size of the islands, which although similar in shape the the originals are actually larger in order to accommodate potentially longer play sessions. Both the number of rounds and the length of time in each round can now be set up to "100" making the longest possible game you can play a total of 2.78 hours.

Play Utopia without any constraints! Gain complete control of all the variables that are managed by the game's Controller object! See rain-cloud, pirate ship and fish paths! Play a game that goes on forever! Anything is possible in the Utopia DevMode Edition, available now in downloads.

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After having finished Utopia, what more could I do with the project? How about throw off all restrictions and give the player access to a "Developer Mode" that not even I had while making the game? That's right, making this was no simple "flip of a switch", the programming for this game has been significantly altered in order to make these new functions available.

The new title screen!

So what can you do in the new "Utopia DevMode Edition"? Well, for starters, you can now set the number of rounds and the length of each round to "999", making for some insanely long games.

You must like this game or something

Next, you can view the paths that rain-clouds follow, making crop planting much more accurate. You can also see the paths of Pirate ships and schools of fish, making your life at sea all the better!

Paths criss-crossing in all directions!

Also helpful is the addition of healthbars to all buildings and boats! Nevermore shall a building's health be a mystery. Build your factories accordingly.

Healthy buidlings, healthy boats!

Last but most certainly not least, with a press of the Backspace button you get access to a text entry field from where you can set any of the Controller object's variables. A complete list has been included in the game's manual for reference. Press F1 at any time to see the game's instruction manual.

Setting Player 1's gold

Don't forget, the game doesn't always look like this, DevMode is toggled on and off with the Control key so you can play a normal game without all the visual clutter!
To download the new Utopia DevMode Edition, click the icon below:

Click here to go to the Mod DB Download page
The origin of the Utopia remake

The origin of the Utopia remake

News 4 comments

Why remake a 30 year old game? Read the inspiration and making of Utopia.

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Utopia DevMode Edition

Utopia DevMode Edition

Full Version

The full Utopia BGP Remake complete with a Developer Mode which add numerous features not available in the original game.

Utopia BGP Remake

Utopia BGP Remake

Full Version 2 comments

The full game file complete with help manual, just hit F4 in-game to access it.

Mr.Zz - - 133 comments

Awesome. I never played it before, thanks for your dedication to this project and thanks for the game :D

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