A retro arcade blast from the past meets modern dash gameplay in a new shmup that combines addictive single tap platforming with modern dash gaming mechanics to create the ultimate side scrolling shooter of 2018.

Dash for the sun and return back to your true source to restore the balance of gravity in Gemora, a faraway solar system that's moving towards the largest gravitational force in the universe.

Mix up to 16 upgrade cards to create the ultimate dash combinations and unlock new alien worlds with varying speeds, orbits and gravity forces.

Compete against friends or rise to fame on the world score board.

Defeat challenging enemy bosses and share your results with a single touch.

Come out guns blazing with rockets, heat seeking lasers, missiles, EMP and more.

Upside Dash features traditional side scrolling mechanics and addictive one-touch game-play, predictive camera styles and lots of settings for speed and customization. Manipulating your dash functionality with fresh tactics is the only way to survive as new worlds present challenging terrain and liquids to hold you back from your one true destination... your self.

Welcome to the new arcade side scroller that just might be your favorite shoot'em up too! Pull the trigger and download Upside Dash now for free.

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Upside Dash - Early Access Now Available

Upside Dash - One Touch Dash Mixer

The Dash Mixer

Mix a hand of cards to create your favorite dash combinations and tackle varying gravity forces and terrain in a dashy space adventure that combines modern dash game-play with retro style graphics.

Upside Dash - One Touch Dash Mixer

1 Million Parallel Universes

This dash and space invaders hybrid includes 1 million parallel universes which change the level design and terrain structure, making it possible to send universe data to friends and challenge them to new worlds you've found with one touch of a button.

Upside Dash - Screenshot

Full Speed Ahead!

Upside Dash has five difficulty levels ranging from chilled and smooth to cheetah fast speeds that create an adrenaline rush that will fuel your addiction, making you become the most skillful dash master in Gemora.

Upside Dash Screenshot

Take Control

Tweak game mechanics to your hearts content with predictive camera styles, game speeds, graphics, sound FX and more.

Get Early Access and download Upside Dash on Android for free. Start challenging your friends or compete for world fame as you save the sun from being crushed by the most powerful force of nature ever known.

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