Unreal Tournament 3 marks the return of the world's première first-person shooter. It unleashes the full power of Unreal Engine 3, taking graphics, gameplay, and challenge to a whole new level. Players engage in intense battles with other human players online, or against Unreal artificial intelligence that sets the industry standard. With the most powerful futuristic weapons and vehicles available, this is FPS action at its best!

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As many mentioned, this is the fine example of a game which sold out it's potential as a shameless FPS with no storyline. In all honesty, the Unreal series were standing strong without such things as Plot or Storyline supporting them, and it would seem the implementation of such terms as Respawner and the like in a game called Unreal for a reason seems redundant.

The single player consists of pre rendered cynematics followed by simple bot matches on various normally playable single player maps and it would seem that it almost gives the impression that Epic Games were desperatly trying to make Unreal3 into a game it should not be.

Unreal has never been in the need of a storyline or plot and many will agree that it's earlier titles like UT2004 or UT99 are better games in it's series. However the game graphics are wonderful and the sloppy single player mode does not stand near the multiplayer experience as it should be expected.

However the graphics are also the game's downfall: the game effects and the weapons themselves seem to give this ominous glow, which makes every pvp encounter into a rave party with neon lights and disco balls. Also, for newer players, the over-done weapons can prove a challenge to memorize and recognize during the fast gameplay, unlike Unreal 2004, which simple and easy to distinguish weapon models had no such issues.


Only thing it's lacking, is the classic single player


Characters are too big (too much Gears of War like). Too few female characters (and no I don't want half naked female characters) and I miss the classic characters like in UT. Personally don't like the hoverboard. Vehicles are fun. Looks good, but perhaps overdone as the environment is so detailed and filled with light (glow) so you can't clearly see the difference between objects (aka harder to see players). Story is crap as it is no story but badly hidden matches. Yeah sure Respawners? Riiiiight. *haha* Moving on... Missing gametypes like Bombing Run/Domination that were not included by default. Don't like the flag models, the taunts are gay and miss the classic ones that had STYLE and not just shouting taunts (I am really annoyed by that). Music on the other hand is GREAT. Weapons feel a bit different from UT99. And seriously why are the Kralls not like how they were in UT99 (how it should be) and WHY AREN'T THERE ANY SKAARJS INCLUDED???!?!?! I mean is this Unreal or not?? Furthermore it's called Unreal TOURNAMENT, where is the tournament? Remember your roots. Damn.

A really great game that is sadly hated for being a little different when compared to the others in the series. Its art style is very Gears of war and while i enjoy it i know a lot of others do not.

Its a shame that consoles were a big focus for Unreal 3 because some stuff had to be changed or cut out.

The PC version is great and just with a few mods and tweaks its easily just as good and in some ways better than Unreal 99 and 2004.

The weapons feel the best to use out of the entire series the movement is probably the best also and its graphics even to this day are still great. The titan mutate i think is really entertaining and really satisfying to use in game it makes the matches even more chaotic than before and combine it with the game modes that include vehicles and its true insanity. It honestly has me grinning from ear to ear its really fun.

There is a lot to love about Unreal 3 and with some tweaking its amazing and deserves more love imo. Give it a try download some of the community map packs that feature some truly amazing looking maps along with some custom maps and mods and you will honestly have a great time.

Want Unreal tournament with better graphics some really cool mods and mutates? then play Unreal tournament 3

Argh this one is a tough cookie for me. I bought it not long after it was released in the collectors edition. It was a good buy and it was even slightly discounted at the time. I had two choices but could only buy one game. I chose UT3 over Gears of War in the end. Even though I could barely run it at the time it was still fun and I actually thought of it as one of the best in the series. Given the shared art theme with Gears it could be argued it takes place at the same universe. After all Gears started as Unreal warfare and they used a lot of content in ut2004 from warfare when it was clear it wasn't going to get used again in the same form. The ut2004 intro even has the cog logo on the dropship.

This was the return to more brutal and mature style and sexy (but not in the way many people think). Yet some of it was so blatantly cringy/dumb. The respawners were better explained in the game devastation which was once an official unreal game too.

But honestly I saw this as a big improvement over ut2004 because it was more of an original game, there was a design doc and real concept art etc and that was lacking from ut2994 as it was basically like a big expansion pack thrown together from a lot of scrapped planned content. So there's certainly more originality here even though it does reuse some ideas planned for unreal 2 and unreal warfare but those were the good ideas so thats fine. Stuff like stasis fields originated in unreal 2 but were cut from the game.

Overall it is a pretty good game and it has underwent some changes thorought the patches and developement.


love this game

Great game!



very bad game


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Love the Unreal Tournament series, always comes out with a new feel and look and new action. UT FOREVER