Developed by Legend Entertainment (Wheel of Time, Unreal Mission Pack: Return to Na Pali), Unreal II - The Awakening is a single player experience. It is designed to immerse you in a living, breathing world of stunning, yet menacing beauty. The game takes the concept of the first person shooter and drops it into the middle of a Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster movie of Epic proportions. The story unfolds through high intensity combat missions linked by a narrative framework of in-game scripted sequences. Each mission will feature a different tactical situation, including hostage rescue, civilian escort, assault on an enemy base with a squad of friendly troops, defense of a structure or area against attacking enemy waves, stealth infiltration and reconnaissance, or more traditional FPS search and destroy sorties. With the Unreal Editor software bundled once more, one can expect many game mods as people create their personalized Unreal universes.

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Great story, atmosphere and production values. But gameplay feels like an afterthought. Not bad, but doesn't even come close to its predecessor.

the begginning really sucks... But when you reach later maps you get so many cool weapons that you cant stop playing

It's not a bad game but, I gave 6 because Unreal II has little in common with the series expect for mentioning the Liandri Corporation and for the appearance of the Skaarj and the Izanagi mercs.


Avoozl says

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If you have recently found that you like Unreal games take my advice, this game is really not worth playing and is likely the worst Unreal game in the franchise. I played this for the first time after buying the Unreal Anthology and it disappointed the crap out of me after playing through it for the first time.

Don't get me wrong, It's really descent title, not a masterpiece, but a good game. But it completely lacks an atmosphere of the first Unreal! There are no iconic weapons such as Flak Cannon od ASMD. The Skaarj appear on maybe three missions and there's no Nali and Na Pali. Most of the game you'll be fighting human mercenaries with hitscan weapons. The levels are very small which is a contrast to Unreal's large and complex maps. The plot is predictable and the characters aren't interesting.
It's a good reminder how not to make sequels next to Deus Ex: Invisible War and Duke Nukem Forever.


This was the very first FPS game to ever be installed on my PC. I've never played original Unreal, so I can't compare these two. But I definitely know it's not a really good game, it's pretty decent, but not good. Story would be very engaging if it was told correctly, but for most of the time it's just a set of missions with story sequences inbetween. It has some neat backstory, but that's not enought, in addition most exposition is too painfully obvious and boring.
The final conclusion to the story pops out of nowhere, because it had no build-up at any point throughout the game, and the Skaarj, the main bad guys of Unreal universe, appear in only 3 missions. As for the atmosphere, it varies too much in different levels. I like the ideas behind the planets, but this game has almost no solid artistic direction, as if they shoved everything they could in there.
Thinking about this game lately, I've come to one conclusion - it was made exclusively to show off the graphics of Unreal Engine 2. I don't see any other reason for this game to have so much varied environments and weapon effects. Even the opening credits to the Awakening are just a fuckfest of graphical effects.
Now for some fun observation - I've made a list of every secondary character from the game that gets killed like a ******* (in order of appearance):
Danny Miller - 'scared' Liandri miner who at some point instantly forgots about all the hostile aliens and runs right into his doom
Axon scientist - a guy who thought shooting at bigass fuel tanks was a good idea
Jensen - Axon scientist who dies apparently due to heart attack, because even if I kill all those damn spiders, he dies anyway
Merc - Izanagi merc who wanted to escape, but John Dalton accepts NO hitchhikers
Some idiot - NEG marine who foolishly runs into enemy fire for no reason, dying instantly
Bill Nye the idiot guy - Izanagi scientist doing research on some ancient alien weaponry who will kill himself with it, unless you kill him first
Merc - Izanagi merc, who forgot how to pull the trigger right when it was most required

An outstanding game overall,but lacks the fast paced action and aggressiveness of the previous Unreal games. The story is good and carries you through different levels on different planets. Characters are great and you kinda get attached to your crew members of the ship. Interesting level designs and a variety of weapons to carry(some of them turn obsolete as you progress through the story).
There is a certain beauty to this game that strikes me and impresses me.


alemel says

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Good but it's not similar to unreal 1.


It's not really Unreal. Different weapons from the classic suite, all new aliens and enemies except the Skaarj (and they don't really factor in to it much)...

But don't let that put you off. This is a very good game with a solid storyline and a delightful cast of characters. Wonderful scenery abounds as you tromp across the far reaches of space, and the banter is excellent throughout.

And the ending... gets me every time.


The best game about cosmic adventures.

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the begginning really sucks... But when you reach later maps you get so many cool weapons that you cant stop playing

Feb 13 2011 by bluluxabica