Don't you think the games now are all the same? Don't you think people have no imagination to develop games? Well, this is something different. Welcome.

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Azatoth027 says

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Not the impressive game I was expecting to play. While the author rises a good topic about boring cloned games, this game has nothing to back up his words.
It is boring itself, clumsily made and barely has anything to do with the author's statement about mainstream games ("Hey, let's make one way corridors to represent my artistic point of view about CoD games ! lolololol"). Talking about a game, this is more of an interactive movie: just click the element that will trigger the next scene and you're done (most of them can be triggered twice and you can do it from the other end of the room...). The end also is a great disappointment just like Mass Effect 3: choose between door 1, 2 and 3 and you'll be greeted with a high compressed and laggy video with a quote from the narrator that is certainly supposed to be clever.
If you really are searching for clever experimental games, try playing Stanley's Parable, Radiator, Dear Esther and plenty other games that really are worth playing.


I'm not sure if this is some hipster/modern art BS

or if this is spam.


The "game" dont have artistic valor for me, it's has a horrible design and the interactivity have no purpose, i think only call other games bored to make the player less advice the low quality of this game.

Other point is that try to inject a other people idea instead of give free thinking, ┬┐Was not this a different game?.

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EZeddy says

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As far as I know, the game was made in a few weeks, and it shows. It's really short and clumsily.

My problem with this game is that I don't understand what's so "experimental" and "different" about a bunch of randomly textured rooms with voices on the background. It looks rather primitive and overly pretentious, in my opinion. Obviously, not much effort was put into this, it's not groundbreaking. There's almost no gameplay and nothing interesting happens.

To be honest, the game is not really bad, it's only the second game made by the developer. It's relaxing, and it has some nice ideas. The problem is that it's rather boring than "impressive" as the developer describes it. I like weird and experimental projects like LSD Dream simulator and HalfQuake Amen, but if you gonna make something experimental, you have to put an actual effort into this.


the two most important parts of any game are entertaining gameplay and an engaging premise or story. this has neither.

It does say a lot about the game if you can loop a whole section of it by DOUBLE CLICKING. Let that sink in.

****** game, boring, lasted five minutes.


Tody says

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Full review here:

Not such a great game. Not anything really different. Worth a look if you're bored.

I have never seen such unholy, toxic filth that is labeled as a GAME in my life.

This game is what you should NEVER do in a game, and no, saying it is an "experiment" does not ******* excuse it. You need to remember, this is a game, pushed out, in the public spotlight, to be CRITICIZED. Anothink deserves every ounce of criticism he gets for his atrocious games.

And omfg, you can just CLICK ON THE HITBOXES A MILE AWAY! You don't have to be up close. In fact, I encourage anyone to just do that. It wouldn't make a difference; you would see all the game has to offer while doing a little speed-run. Because all this game has to offer is lazily thrown together event triggers along with FLOATING TEXT, and only sometimes decent models. I mean ****, I bet any model from this game that actually looks decent is ripped from the Unity store or from another game entirely.

TL;DR - Don't play this trash, it is the most toxic, atrocious thing ever and you're much better off watching a playthrough. See? It's so bad that I don't even want to call it a game anymore.

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