TUNNEL DIVERS is a Free to Play top-down space shooter, however space is not really your domain.

The Tunnel Divers are a hired group of skilled mercenaries who pilot agile space fighters built to raid areas with close quarters.

Descend into intergalactic mines, invade space stations, cruise crowded planet surfaces and fight your way through megacorp security and to get the job down for your client while uncovering a conspiracy.

Play online and get into fast paced combat with other players, or play through the campaign or custom-made levels with your friends. No pay to win either.

The download provides 1 demo level and lets you join a test server hosted by me, where you can fight other players. The netcode is unpolished so crashes, lag and weird stuff will happen.

- Spasman

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Re-download it here:

You will get a version mismatch error if you attempt to join the test server with v0.0.1

Change log:

- Added Sound On/Off option
- Changed how game info is shown (when you try to pick up an item with max ammo, etc)
- Added the ability to cycle weapons (Q and E), unbounded previous weapon keys for now
- Weapons now automatically cycle when you're out of ammo
- Fixed ships getting stuck together by changing how ships collide
- Optimized a bunch of crap
- Fixed clients not timing out from the server properly
- Fixed "ghost ships" remaining on the server when a player leaves
- Renamed a few weapons. Still not final.

Theres a crash on the server that still lurks about with an extremely vague error message so sorry if the test server is still not up 24/7

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Tunnel Divers Demo

Tunnel Divers Demo


Teaser demo for Tunnel Divers. Just something for the downloads section. I don't know if I'll remember to keep this updated so you should just use my...

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