TheMasters403 presents an unpleasant addition to the world of internet memes! No, it ain't rage comics, creepy pastas, Pop-Tart-bodied flying kitties or a Yogscast video. It's a game about escaping the naughty tricks played by one of the most memorable meme characters ever.

Facts about Trollin' le mazes:
- 5 challenging levels to make you mad!
- Although short, the game has a load option so you can get back and rage some more without raging too much.
- Small file allows for easy storage.
- Much harder and more fun than it looks!
- A weird ending!

- Windows XP or newer
- A keyboard
- A monitor
- 8.79 MB of memory or more
-A sense of humor

Installation instructions:
1. Click the download button
2. Extract the files from the .zip file OR unzip the file
3. Place the folder anywhere on your computer
4.OPTIONAL: create a desktop shortcut
5.Have fun!

Music by: Eduard Khil (Trololo) andDaniwell-P ("Nyan Cat Song")

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The game


Just wanted to put the link to the download here because you could not find it maybe.

Go to the bottom of the news.

Almost there

Getting closer

Just kidding, just a few more days away



Almost there now

Just one more line...

WE'RE HERE! Click le link!

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