At Croft Manor three old associates of Lara's - Winston Smith, Father Patrick Dunstan and Charles Kane - reminisce some of Lara Croft's past adventures.

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Not a whole lot to say. This game basically boils down to a modern day DLC map pack. If you're a big fan of the first four games, then you'll most diffidently enjoy this game. The levels are interesting enough, the game play is the most refined of the original games, and it's a nice little cross over into Angel of Darkness. As with a vast majority of retro PC games that were "less than perfect" ports at the time-- a download and a few clicks later makes this version of the game the definitive one thanks to people that took the time to keep alive and refine pieces of gaming history such as this.


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Every Tomb Raider game (until that point) was better than the last, with Tomb Raider IV being the best of them. And then comes TR V. Not that it was a bad game, but it was not as good as it's predecessors and surely not as bad and laggy as the one that followed. Let's say that if you are planning to do a TR marathon, you can skip this one.


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