Games are made of rules. Every other game makes you follow its rules. In this game, finding rules is the game. Based on a essential but fun arena shooter, (this is a) META game! will blow your mind.

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This game was made by BloodyMonkey. Its development started in 2010, but then, after many iterations, it was halted. But why don't release it anyway? A little bit late, but here it is:

OST is available on Bandcamp:

Paolo Tajè: design, code
Riccardo Amabili: art, music, sounds
Marco Canala: code

Update: Refactoring and music

Update: Refactoring and music


We are still working on the game, and you are going to listen to the soundtrack on bandcamp


Is this game dead? The last news update was years ago...

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When is the game going to be publicly available?

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This looks interesting. What are you developing it with? XNA?

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PaoloMonkey Creator

Thank you guy... we are working hard to have a great game for you to play

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Really nice idea! Looking forward to it.

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