The Vision is the worlds first open dimensional video game. Allowing players to be able to seamlessly travel through time. Giving you complete and utter freedom throughout the 4th dimension. You play as John, a once alien experiment to test inter dimensional travel on man kind, giving you access to portals around the map that take you to other worlds, and the ability to pick and choose a time period of your choice in which to travel. Travel to many events in history to make them how you want them to be. Even complete destroy the world!

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The opportunity to enter the 4th dimension has never been greater! Although limited, multi-verse and space travel will make the world feel more alive like never before seen in any video game! Experience unlimited Time Travel in this massive open world!

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Welcome to The Vision!


NOTE: The game is currently in its PROTOTYPING phase. So please take this into consideration and look past a lot of budget restricted issues. Thank you!!

So much I wanted to showcase in this video, but sadly, my current budget does not allow those things. To clear up some confusion; The video features some third person shooter gameplay. The game does indeed support First Person gameplay. (A suggestion in the comments also said to add support for first person aiming with third person play).

What gameplay did I just watch? You saw an excerpt from the developing prototype(Many things will change before the first release). You play as John in this PROTOTYPE demo and move through the world trying to find the source of, and fix a rip in space time. All life in our universe has disappeared. I tried describing this a little with the cinematic's in particular the frozen city. I do apologize for not including this information in the video.

The Vision is a passion project! I have been working on the current version of The Vision for about 4.2 years now and love every second of it. It has always been a dream of mine to create a free and ever changing open world video game.

The opportunity to enter the 4th dimension has never been greater! Although limited, multi-verse and space travel will make the world feel more alive like never before seen in any video game!

Your survival skills will be put to the test; You will be given the ability to travel to ANY(Unlimited) period in time on earth, or in deep space. You will need to gather resources and knowledge about your world to survive. Finding shelter will be a crucial element to your survival in The Vision's massive open world.

Will Space Travel be Limited? Of course! With planned max number of 3 galaxies.

What about multiverse travel, will that be limited? You can bet on it. Current set at a maximum to 15 different parallel world's!!!

Why the limitations? To be sure that the game will deliver on its promises, I have to limit these features and possibly expand on them after release. However, if it is possible to have more content before the release, then I will simply say so!!! Stay tuned for the next article where I go more in depth about the game and its feature's.

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Thank you for supporting!! It really means a lot!! I am ONE MAN trying to accomplish so much and all support means a lot to me. Thank you so much!!

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a game about traveling through time? or a game with time travel mechanics?

The first is a lineal one where you travel through several time lines in its story. th other is a game Ala Singularity, where you can partially (very subtly) control Time in a local area.

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