The Unbreakable Chain is currently on Kickstarter! 62% funded, 12 days to go!:

"You should definitely back this bizarre game on Kickstarter. I love these artists/musicians and their filth brains" - Brandon Sheffield,

Each stage is from the point of view of a different species, with a different gameplay mechanic.
The overall experience is intended to be left quite open for personal interpretation.
It's pacing/flow takes some cues from the 2004 Grasshopper Manufacture game "Michigan: Report From Hell".

"people talk a lot of this and that about 'art as games', and while i personally feel that this is a case by case issue uniquely specific to each title and the intentions of its creators, i truly believe that every single frame of animation in this game is a true 'work of art', both in terms of illustration and graphic design. you can screengrab any moment of it, and have a 'leon sadler original' ready to print. if you ever wanted to 'play' one of leon sadlers drawings or comics, this is the closest you will ever get." - GHXYK2

Features music by former Capcom composer Yasushi Kaminishi (Mars Matrix/Gigawing)

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Please enjoy this promo mix of the OST to celebrate the release of The Unbreakable Chain on!


Featuring music by Yasushi Kaminishi, GHXYK2, BankBank and the Chain Gang Krew

DL @

The Unbreakable Chain 101

The Unbreakable Chain 101

News 2 comments

An introduction to The Unbreakable Chain, the first release of Leon Sadler Games. Featuring music by GHXYK2, BankBank and former Capcom composer Yasushi...

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coolbroguy20 - - 18 comments

what the **** is this supposed to be t^ts

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ARC8games - - 1 comments

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kakkekakke - - 4 comments

Looks like an awesome game! It's just a shame i don't have any money. D:

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Aarkreinsil - - 251 comments

Whatever you smoked or threw in... I want some..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
glennie - - 1 comments

very yes!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
racingroom - - 2 comments

My dentist bill is going UP when this one drops!!!

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wolfpupy - - 1 comments

cool. Cool. this game will be great game. do not break this chain send to all good friend and family. have of good day ;-)

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minotwarrior - - 1 comments

top dollar dog collar!!!!

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CRIMECOMITTER - - 1 comments

These chains are invincible

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spongehammer - - 2 comments


"The Scratching Post" is GHXYK2's first collaboration with Wolfpupy.

I also highly recommend everyone "Like" and subscribe to GHXYK2's Facebook page to get updates and information about GHXYK2's books and other side projects. Also should follow him on Twitter :)

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