It is about troubled people who are going through the problems of life and their encounters with the "strange men" who will be their salvation or a nightmare!

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Epecb says

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Instantly fell in love with her Stories. Starting from early ones: Paranoiac and (especially) Mermaid Swamp (and hope that someday Uri will remake "Insanity", since it's long gone now). But "Strange Men" - are something special.
All of her Stories are honest, emotional, thoughtful and have quite deep yet relatable meaning each. And if you reach true (good) ending you would also realise how positive and heartful she is, only acknowledging negative stuff in bad (false) endings. And above all else, Uri is a really talented writer. She created the whole
seamless World in her series.
And I hope she reads, what people write here, because, Uri, I wanted to Thank You! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your Works of Art!


CoolDudeAyy says

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Each game has a very unique story, with a really nice art style. Although the Sandman did seem to get a bit repetitive with finding each character. Other than that, this series is great, and I can't wait for the next installment.


HijackedCat says

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