A dark, sad, funny, weird 1st person exploration game in which you play as a man obsessed with the meaning behind a painting. More of a story game in that it emphasizes mood and character over gameplay. Features 3D computer graphics in hundreds of colors (blue and pink to name a few). Contains explicit handling of suicide, so be warned. There is also a shrimp tank with pet shrimp. Download for windows, mac, or linux and play with the lights off and headphones on. Takes about ten minutes to play. Follow me on twitter at @jessebarksdale to hear about new games.

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I have played a wide variety of games over the course since I was 2-3, crawling from genre to genre for years in search of truly exceptional games with original ideas, and this game actually deserves much more notice than what most people have given it. I actually went on a spree of telling everyone I could about it after I played it the first time. Without wanting to spoil anything, as a blind play is how one should experience it for the first time, I would ll say it is not a conventional game meant as a diversion, nor is it a game you can prepare for. I would love to see the idea intended in the game expanded further, or even a new game.


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