The Sidekicks is 3-hero platform game. You play with three different characters - Noobert, Zeronita and Bellie G, all of whom have their unique superpowers and strong personalities. Due to a fatal error in a code, the video game villains have infiltrated our world. Your mission is to find the pieces of the broken artifact and save the world. Find your way through 30 levels filled with puzzles, action and epic boss fights! The game is filled with hilarious references to the classic video games, music industry and movies. It’ll make you smile and challenge you. - Action filled old school platformer - 30 hand-crafted levels - Imaginative enemies - 3 heroes - all of whom have their unique superpowers - Boost the Sidekicks with upgrades - Original soundtrack by an award-winning composer - Epic Big Boss fights with unique game mechanism - Three different worlds to explore - The Dawn, The Chill and The Glitch - Secret areas, puzzles, achievements.

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The Sidekicks is an old-school platform game for iOS and Android.

The game has three different characters who everyone can relate to and everyone will find his/hers own favorite. Every character has his/her own strong personality and special superpower. For example the gothic girl, Zeronita, speaks with a Spanish accent, dresses in black, walks arms crossed, is impatient and when she screams glass will break and enemies will vanish.

The player has to use characters’ superpowers and abilities to solve puzzles and to complete the levels. The game is also filled with hilarious references to the classic video games, music industry and movies that will make you smile!

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Android: Google Play

iOS: App Store

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