The Polynomial is a 3D musical 'space shooter' game, with non-shooter mode and built in fractal editor. Visuals are generated mathematically and animate to your music or microphone input; there are 4 music-driven animators and 38 arenas to choose from (12 arenas in free demo). You can create your own arenas using built in editor, and you can save your fractal images at any resolution. There are many parameters you can change for entirely new, original look; the number of combinations is astronomical. The Polynomial comes with 50 minutes of excellent soundtrack created by Alexey Lavrov and T.K. System requirements: GeForce 8 series or later, Radeon HD 2000 series or later, with at least 256MB of video memory. NOTE: Intel's integrated graphics (GMA and the like) mostly do not work due to their slow speed at anything other than textured triangles. If you encounter any problems, see the forum. Linux issues: you need proprietary 3D drivers. You will need libmpg123 for mp3 file support.

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Graphics is amazing.

I can't believe the amount of time i spent(or rather, wasted) playing this little toy. The visuals alone make it worth paying for, as it creates a rather cool ambient for your music. Im sure some people have already used this to play music at parties; it looks really nice. The gameplay isn't specially complicated, but it's good enough: Flight simulator controls, enemies which keep spawning faster and faster and try to eat the power-ups you can collect(which in turn spawn at a faster rate too), and you gain speed while close to the particle field, which vibrates to the beat of the music. Nothing excessively complicated, yet astonishingly addictive.


Pretty good game:P


The game doesn't work in the full version of Linux x64bits when you try to load some mp3 the game put: Error loading "patch of mp3". The customs mp3 only work in 32bits version

This gaming is amazing in visual! 9/10!

This game _is weird_.

I think everybody should give it a try, because the experience... Is awesome...

Not quite clear game. But incarnation of the universe is made great!


Simply amazing.

The ingame tutorial is a nice-looking although confused floating text describing some icons that look all the same. Then I had to set the difficulty to insane just to get rid of a text insisting to set the hardest mode. I will look for some info on the internet, but what's happening and what I have to do is not very clear - just the screen sometimes gets back to the tutorial text so I don't see how to go away from there.
Graphics and music are very interesting, but the gameplay needs to be better explained. Confusing.

Nice time-waster. Nice graphics, meh shooter, not 100% sure what exactly is synced with the music. Big problem is the fact that it needs .ogg files, which means you need to convert your music if, like me, you have it all in .mp3 format.

Overall, worth the $3, but I wouldnt pay much more for it.

EDIT: Apparently you need mpg123 to use mp3s with it (sudo apt-get install mpg123).

Still, while I'm editing, further impressions: the gameplay is slightly deeper than I thought, with runs on those "waves" that speed you up, combined with accurately reading the radar being key. This is kind of counter-acted by the lack of visual feedback for where in the waves you need to be, leading to frustrating situations where you're sure you should be getting a speed boost, when in fact you're outside the wave but can't tell.

Also, I might be alone in this, but I think the game would feel a lot better if you were shooting at spaceship-like enemies instead of 3D pacmen.

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Graphics is amazing.

Dec 11 2011 by incogn1too