An 8 Bit Adventure Platformer. Inspired by many good-old NES Games. Story: Writing in Progress. I added my Game here to document, and share my progress with you to build an good, playable game step by step. So, let's see what we can achieve. The Finished Game will be an Adventure Platformer, featuring Puzzles and well designed Levels and different atmospheres. The Core of the Gameplay will be, wich is partially implemented, the unsage of elemental stances that have an unique ability. The finished Game, if it goes as planned, will be an Open World Side-Scolling Adventure Platformer.

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Where we begin...


Since i first started in creating this game, and after a bit of feedback from friends and contacts i decided to add it into the IndieDB. I start documenting the game and important steps and milesones i achieve here and, as often as it is possible, give you playable Demos of the Game. The releasing of Demos is very important to me since the tester / follower needs to experience the atmosphere that a game creates. "The Orb - Elements unleashed" is currently in early alpha but a stable first demo puzzle is already playable and testable (I wouldnt even call it an Alpha, Lets call it Pre-Alpha).

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The Orb - PreAlpha Demo [21/12/13]

The Orb - PreAlpha Demo [21/12/13]


The Demo also known and mentioned as the PreAlpha Demo.

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