The Hegg is a puzzle/adventure game which contains puzzles and action sequences that range from easy to very difficult with thinking puzzles being in the majority. If you like gleaning hints from the environment and taking your time to think about how to proceed, this is a great game for you. However, even the greatest of minds will not find it easy as the running sequences provide a completely different kind of challenge. Can you become The Hegg!? FEATURES: + Original heavy metal soundtrack by Overclocked ReMixers + 32 thinking puzzles or action sequences of ranging difficulties. + Three possible endings. + A unique and charming story. + Humorous text everywhere you go. + A hint system. Minimum requirements - DirectX9.0c or greater - Resolution : 800*600 - OS: Xp, Vista, 7 - CPU: 1.6 Ghz - RAM: 512MB, HDD: 130MB - GFX: 128mb Video Memory

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Hello. My name is Jahan Honma. I'm also known as The Legendary Zoltan. I am happy to announce the release of my very first game, The Hegg. I had two goals when creating this game. The first was to prove to myself (and perhaps to others as well) that I am not the type of person who talks about how great a game I could design and never takes action. The second goal was to create a game that can deliver an experience that exceeds its buying price. I believe I have met both goals with The Hegg. The game is a very complete experience that requires neither outside materials to find all the secrets, nor DLC to understand the entire story. It is a puzzle game at heart that should have players pondering and exploring in a fulfilling way.

I sincerely thank all the people who buy and play The Hegg. I put my heart into it and I would very much like to be able to make a much better and more polished game in the future. I have a lot of ideas for games, and this one is just an example of what a person with no programming knowledge or artistic skills can create with nothing but RPG Maker and a desire to make one's own game. Thank you very much.

The Legendary Zoltan

TheLegendaryZoltan Creator
TheLegendaryZoltan - - 2 comments

Thanks, MalboM and Dasfry. I'm sure anyone who likes puzzles and/or riddles will enjoy it. ^_^

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schtolteheim - - 2 comments

20¢ or bust.

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MalboM - - 33 comments

Seems awesome!

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Dasfry - - 15 comments


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