"The Blur" is an independent project being worked on by Xaou based off of the popular Smallville franchise created by Alfred Gough, Miles Millar. This project has been going since early November 2011 and will hopefully be up and running by 2014. The aim of this assignment is to create the Smallville world in an Action/RPG type scenario, and tell the story of the Clark Kent, The Blur/Superman as best it can. The gameplay is best described as a combination of Batman Arkham Asylum, Superman returns. Production is naturally slow due to the development team being only me, but I've invested all of my free time into this project and have no intention on stopping any time soon.

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's an update!!! Yes, I will now be updating every 2 weeks. Also this journal update will go through the specifics on gameplay and ememy types. Powers of the character will be explained as well as relatable games. Check out the TV show if you can and keep looking for updates.

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Hey guys,
I'm going to update journals every 2 weeks and try to find spare time between school and my new job. It will be hard but I'll do it. Now as an amateur developer, I know, most of my plans are just ideas but I have done some re-modelling modelling in the last couple of days. The title page has been decided and it has been posted on the site pretty dark and scary a video will be posted to show you how the opening screen will work.

Also, I have done some modelling on the actual characters in the game such as Clark Kent and Green Arrow in their new suits. I'm having a little bit of trouble with creating the face for the body but I'll figure it out. There has also been some thought into the actual story line and I realised that I just can't have the main story line I also have to have side missions and stuff like that so I changed the style of gameplay...a lot.

Obviously, some of the gameplay will stay the same. However, Superman is invincible so there it is going to find a hard way to die. Yeah, I know there is kryptonite and people who have super strength but how many of them do you have strolling around. So, I decided to create a two Super speed buttons and that will be the main feature of the game. One of the super speeds is get to paces really fast and will be much like the DC universe super speed (without the running up walls). The next super speed is one that is frequently used on the show and it is the slow motion Super Speed. This super speed will allow you to save civilians from bullets, out of control cars, etc... You will have a health bar and it can be damages by meteor-freaks, aliens, not being able to save citizens in time; (not sure about this one) and Kryptonite.

Another thing, some of the other powers that can be used are super strength, super jump, heat vision, super breath, Freeze breath, super hearing and X-ray vision. Most of these powers will be addressed in the next journal except for Strength and X-ray vision.

Super Strength is very, very, very turned down in accordance to the TV series. You will be able to pick up cars, bend street lamps but you can't bring down buildings in a single swipe and you can kill bad guys in one hit. Although guys with guns you can, just no meteor freaks or Super Humans. Anyways, this will be a lot like the TV series but there are going to be some changes.

X-ray vision is going to be much like that in Arkham City. It will reveal small things like breakable doors and enemies with guns, Kryptonite and Super humans etc...

That's all for today I'll try to get back to you guys with a demo soon.

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