Syder Arcade is a free scrolling, multi directional shoot 'em up, an uncompromised old-school experience, furious, challenging, straightforward. This game will bring you back in time, when bulky starships were cool and games were about player skill and swearing madly at your computer.

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Introducing Dart, Mule and Wasp: playable starships in the new Studio Evil game

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Syder Arcade release is getting closer and it's time to show you the stars of the game. Our players will be able fight their way trough the 6 campaign levels choosing among three spaceships. Each of them comes with two different weapons and its own strengths and weakness.

Alisade S-185 Mule

Syder Arcade Mule

The Mule! A space armor able to absorb great amounts of damage armed with an Arc Plasma Cannon. It's low speed is balanced by the Contained Gravity Well, that captures nearby mass to use it as cover from enemy fire.

A bit of Syder Lore
The S-185 Mule is one of the most advanced spacecrafts built by Alisade Warp Technologies. Designed in 2183 to replace the outdated S-107 Ox in heavy duty civilian operations, its super dense armor and the ability to manipulate mass via contained gravity well made this spacecraft the perfect candidate for any non-lethal police and peace keeping operations. When the first Amgarr attacked the colony of Miza, the colonial starfleet had many police crafts converted to full fledged starfighters by replacing the Standard police emp blaster with a military grade Arc Plasma Cannon.

MSec-Alisade S-104 Dart

Syder Arcade Dart

Thanks to its incredible speed and good armor, the Dart is considered by many pilots one of the most reliable starfighters available. It's primary weapon is the Pulse Laser, able to pass through multiple targets. The Dart real strength and weakness is the Overload Beam, a devastating attack able to cut trough entire enemy formations. This kind of power requires an extreme amount of energy to be activated.

A bit of Syder Lore
The S-104 Dart is one of the oldest starfighter models still deployed in several human military space operations. Built in 2170, during the last years of the Sol war, it was the first starfighter to equip a fully miniaturized Alisade warp drive. Miza colonial forces currently deploy an upgraded version of the S-104 that replaces the old mass cannon with a state of the art pulse laser that can pierce trough several targets, and be overloaded to fire a devastating beam.

MSec S-116 Wasp

Syder Arcade Wasp

The most agile among the human starfighters, is also the less resistant to damage. The Wasp is the last ship playable in Syder Arcade and the one with the most impressive firepower. Armed with its deadly Twin Machinegun and Friend-or-Foe Mini Missiles. However, handling comes at the cost of armor, and the Wasp's many advanced systems are easily damaged, often leading to structural failures.

A bit of Syder Lore
Built in 2179 just after the Sol wars to oppose the threat posed by auto replicating rogue drone armies, The S-116 Wasp was designed to be at it's best against small, swarming targets. Armed with two mass cannons and auto targeting mini missiles, this spacecraft is well known among the most reckless space pilots for it's sharp manoeuvring and devastating firepower.


Those are some very cool and original models! I like the Wasp design. :)

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DIT Creator

Glad you like them!
We designed all human tech to look bulky and retro.
Hopefully this will give them a more familiar look, opposed to the other races we have in the game universe. :)

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