Swim Pickens is a harrowing mobile game developed solely in a game engine created in the late 90's.

Catch fish to purchase upgrades that help you catch even more fish! The more fish you catch, the more

goldfish you earn to collect characters! Compete against the globe for the title of best fisher in the world!

Note: This product is currently under development, and anything shown is subject to change.


Thanks to all who played the open beta!
Full release coming soon!

Aaron wrote: "The most fun game ever."

Josh wrote:

"Fantastic, Love it!"

Gary wrote:

"This game is amazing!"

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Ladies and grizzlymen, we are very pleased with the turnout for the public beta of Fishy Bear, and thank you very kindly for your support and suggestions. It's gives us great pleasure to announce that full release is nearly upon us. Not only that, but we're expanding our horizons beyond bearkind, to bring you:


Swim Pickens! That's right! The fully fledged cosmetic system will be bringing you more than just bears come full release, but anything your heart so desires (within the confines of reason, unfortunately). This is why we've elected to change the name of the #1 App in the World (source: ourselves) to the new guise of this clever pun, if we do say so ourselves. You can also expect achievements, global leaderboards and more from the full version, which will still inevitably be entirely free to play!

In the meantime, sit back and relax while we tweak some things to achieve true bearfection unlike anything else you've ever beared witness to in your life!


And thanks for all the fish.

Fishy Bear - Now Available on Google Play!

Fishy Bear - Now Available on Google Play!


The smash hit app everyone is talking about, better known as "Fishy Bear" has launched its way onto Google Play and into the hearts and minds of the people...

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