Run, jump and fly through enemy infested territory. Collect spares, kill aliens and survive... easy... huh !

Our mission statement was simple, make a platformer that would appeal to both the modern gamer and those with a love for retro gaming. A simple concept, yet decidedly harder to do than we first thought. Do you go for full retro styling? or massively impressive particle effects? Finally we came up with what we thought would be a playable compromise. Six weeks later Survivor X was born. Easy on the eye graphics combind with a funky, modern soundtrack. Although Survivor X is almost Beta ready we still consider it a work in progress. At this time it offers twenty seven levels (including Boss fights) plus additional hidden bonus rooms. Animated enviroments, multi-layered parallax backgrounds, dozens of enemy types and an enviroment that can be manipulated to change the routes available to you all help to enrich the game-play. We're hoping to add more levels, bosses and enemies prior to release, but as of yet thats down to funding available.

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Well our kickstarter campaign is up and running. Hopefully we can raise enough to finish and expand on Survivor X. For that we need your support and backing.

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