This prototype will receive constant updates, the graphics will be made only later, when the game base is all ready.

Features already available in the prototype:

  • Pick apples / wood / leaves / water
  • Chopping trees
  • Create simple fire / shelter
  • Day / night cycle
  • Die for starving or thirst

Future features:

  • Create tools
  • Other shelter / fires
  • Climate
  • Hunting
  • Expansion of the island
  • And much more

How play:

Left or A - Move the player to left

Right or D - Move the player to right

Up - Moves the player in/out of the island when available

Space - Start the game (on the initial black screen) and cuts the trees.

M - Open the manual of survivor

E - Eat apples

T - Take the woods/apples

L - Take the leafs (only when the tree is down)

S - Sleep (only when is night and have the shelter made)

C - Cut the tree (only when the tree is down)

W - Drink water

F - Fill one bottle of water (only when is over the lake inside of island) Max: 10 bottle

Mouse - Place the fire/shelter

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Changes on v


Implemented the collection of water.

  • Now it is possible to collect water by going to the lake in the center of the island.

Implemented a home screen in place of the black screen.

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