Super Squash:


Every universe of Barlock Games is under attack by a being that's quite powerful and massive. Every character considered a hero throughout all the universes must band together and put a stop to this. Every character, enemy and location created prior from Barlock Games will be featured in Super Squash. This is the legacy of Barlock Games' 10 years.

Every character featured in Super Squash: (SO FAR)

  • Dwenguil (Malfunction)
  • Mairoid (Hectic Void)
  • LanternMan (Terror)
  • Butch (Hell Wars)
  • Richard (Hectic Trouble)

More characters will be announced for Super Squash at a later time.


Super Squash's gameplay mostly consists of roguelike combat. Destroy enemies, counter each boss by studying their strategies and collect all of the precious coins they drop. Super Squash currently includes up to 6 playable characters with unique designs and abilites, all of which have different purposes for different times. The level design of Super Squash will gradually change while you mindlessly blast your way through the minions.

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Update: 3/6/20:

Hello! It has been awhile! But there is quite a big reason for that. I have been hard at work for just about a year now and it has finally payed off! Super Squash has just launched TODAY on Steam!

Super Squash is available RIGHT NOW on Steam!

Yep, that's right! Let's go over what is included with launch and what you can expect later on!

SuperSquashWallpaperTitle 1






Features at Launch:

  • 12 levels in total with 4 different worlds
  • 6 playable characters
  • OVER 30 enemies and bosses combined
  • 22 steam achievements
  • LOTS of customization (hats, player trails, etc)

Upcoming Features:

  • Additional levels & worlds
  • Additional playable characters
  • Minigames (which will feature the most random and addicting objectives)
  • Plenty more enemies and bosses to discover
  • More achievements to come
  • Additional customization choices for characters
  • Controller Support
  • Co-op Modes (These will mostly consist of several minigames)
  • And much more surprises on the way!

You can expect to see a playable Demo very soon.

The Demo will be uploaded on here as well as Steam.

Anyways, check out Super Squash, and have yourselves a good one!

Barlock Squash's FIRST Preview

Barlock Squash's FIRST Preview


This article discusses Barlock Squash's FIRST preview and what you can expect from this game in the future.

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Barlock Squash: Preview - Steel World

Barlock Squash: Preview - Steel World


This preview of Barlock Squash will focus SOLELY on Steel World which currently features 3 fully playable levels.

Sk4nkhunt42 - - 14 comments

looks cool - ! Ty for the Giveaway

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SkullDust99 Creator
SkullDust99 - - 239 comments

No problem! There will definitely be more Super Squash giveaways in the future!

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LunarShuriken - - 1,292 comments

A very interesting visual style!

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SkullDust99 Creator
SkullDust99 - - 239 comments

Thanks! Much appreciated

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