A free fan game where you control Bowser and his legion of monsters to victory over the Mushroom Kingdom. You will have lots of units and powers at your disposal like the stalwart goombas,Twomps, the loyal koopas, Piranha plants and of course the classic bosses like Birdo and Wario. The game will be easy to play at start and there will be a difficulty meter ranging from Very easy to Impossible so even the most harddened RTS player will find it challenging. Around 25 missions is the plan and a level editor which I want to call sandbox mode where you can make your own level.

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Not sure how you're supposed to rate/review a game you haven't played but, just by looking at it I can tell I'm going to love this. The play seems to be pretty simple, which is an important thing, and even though the graphics are a bit dated they look bright and true to the source. I for one can't WAIT to get my hands on the gem of a title :)


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