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Sup3r B0rked Gamez Released


Xbox 360 Indie title Super Broken Games features 37 singleplayer levels and an up to 4 player offline multiplayer mode. Every game level features controls borked in a slightly different way. The game is super-hard but incredibly rewarding when you finally beat on the very short levels. A 'so close! ... one more try' kind of game.

Most levels have you controlling one or two simple trails with the sticks, collecting tokens and avoiding spikes. But the game changes from level to level. The game is about dexterity as much as it is about figuring out the controls for each level.

Super Broken Games Screenshots
Super Broken Games Screenshots

The game features an amazing 8-bit soundtrack by Doomcloud, with visuals in sync to the music.

The multiplayer is for up to 4 controllers in a single console. A party style game, to play with friends.

Super Broken Games Screenshots

You can find Super Broken Games on your Xbox 360 Indie Games Channel.

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