SunAge is upon us - the solar system is dying. With Earth teetering on the brink of extinction, human Federals and mutant-gene Raak-Zun are battling for control of its dwindling resources. Then, into this savage conflict step the mysterious Sentinel, exploiting superior technology that opens gateways to an alien and resource-rich planet. An epic clash is set to unfold, and along with it the mystery of a sinister creature that lurks at the very heart of their troubles...

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This is like Starcraft, but with better story (That hooked me and i played the game only for the story)

Yet it lacks Blizzard (IT isnt made by Blizzard btw) diamond polish and has bugs, balance problems and very boring Skirmish maps (That are made as MOBA maps, with Symmetry so hard i really despise it)


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