Still Here is an indie game of suspense, drama, platform and puzzle created by an amateur game designer Telmo Lourenço. Description: Your girlfriend dies and you had no chance to say how much you liked her.You are a character who is depressed due to the death of his girlfriend. Unfortunately you dies after an accident. Throughout the levels you will find puzzles (find the 3 magic cubes that are situated in the scenario where you died) and some platforms (Levels and symbolic objects

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grouchbag says

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I finally got to play this game.I thought it was one of the best,being both nostalgic and sad,beautiful at the same time.I think it's especially great for a first game.I hope you make many more games.Good luck to you!


MetalKat says

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I have just recently beat the game, it was short and the idea of the story line is good, but does leave quite a bit to the imagination. I wish the story line had a little bit more to it, than the way it had just kinda ended. Some of the problems in the game, has been some lack of directions on certain parts. I have noticed 1 of those directions were written in a different language.

There has been a part or two, where you just randomly get stuck, and no jump button to get out. There is a lack of sound to the game as well, no footsteps,outdoor sounds. Just the music playing. The other problem was the cube when being picked up, could go through any wall long as it is being held by the character. Which could be a problem at times, when you miss the train. And to backtrack a little the story line, does not explain why, you are in the world you are in, and why you are having to collect certain momentos.

But not all parts of the game was a bad experience, I did enjoy the music. It went rather well, for the theme of the game. The story itself is original, none that I have played anyways. I have always found it to be enjoyable to collect items that represent importance to your personal character. The fact this was made in "Blender," has shown just how much the game engine itself has improved over the last few years. The game does represent some strong points for Blender, I for one have enjoyed playing this game, I just wish it was longer, with more to the story line, instead of ending it the way it did.

With all that being said I would like to give this game a higher rating, but due to some of the in game problems/story it will receive a 6/10, this game is worth playing. Further note I can tell there was some time/thought put into this game, and deserves more investment in it. The author should be proud of his first game, as always in the game industry it is always important to finish what you start, no matter how bad it can get.


Oz_Sorko says

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