It's the year 2100 and privatized space exploration has taken off in a big way. Your fledgling space company has been awarded $200 million dollars in government grants to further the efforts of space exploration and monetization. You've just acquired your first space-worthy ship and it’s sitting on the launch pad awaiting your launch orders.

Once launched,with the help of your crew you’ll guide it to various areas of space, explore,set up automated mining operations, fight off rival space companies, and conduct important scientific research to benefit society back on Earth.

Stellar13 is a 4X persistent multiplayer space strategy game. Set nearly one hundred years in the future, the player acts as the CEO & Commander of his own space company. As commander, you manage and control your ship from Earth using a customized software called Stellar13. Using this software, you can view ship telemetry, crew health, issue commands, view mapping data, and more in near-real time.

Stellar13 places an emphasis on multiple styles of play and paths to advance your company. You can play the traditional way of moving and exploring throughout universe, conquering other player ships and planets. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on competitors (other players) and invest in their company through the in-game stock market. As their companies succeed in setting up mining operations, conducting scientific research, etc their stocks will rise in value. Buy low when a new company starts out and sell the stocks once they've been successful in setting up a few mining operations or conquering planets.Another less traditional way of making money and advancing is training your crew on various expeditions and as they rise in level and experience, you can then sell them to other players on a global market exchange.

Stellar13 is an exciting, different kind of game geared towards the hard core strategy gamer.

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Stellar7 Prototyping


This game is going to be exciting to any hardcore space strategy fan. It's not your typical jump-in-a-ship-and-roam-the-galaxy cookie cutter space template game. In Stellar7, you're limited in your interactions with your ship that's off in space carrying out your commands which makes you think carefully before acting.

Here are just a few planned features for the first playable alpha:

  • Six Specialty Crew (Hackers, Mercenaries, Miners, Geo Scientists, Tactical Consultants, and Botanists). This is in addition to the basic crewmen needed to run your ship, such as your Commanding Officer and Medical Officer.
  • A global market for players to buy and sell their ship crew that have gained valuable experience
  • A Stock Exchange for trading on your competitors' successes and failures. It's a really cool way to make extra cash.
  • Basic script support. Every command you send your ship is sent via the console, even if you click a button to execute a command in the user interface. Commands can be queued up as they're sent to your ship way out in some other galaxy (and take some time to travel that distance), and this opens up the possibility to write and share your own custom scripts. For example, you could make a script that sends your ship to a certain sector, executes a scan, navigates to the nearest planet, and deploys a mining operation.

Due date is when it's done, but I'm hoping to have a playable alpha this spring.

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