Captain your own space ship and roam the galaxy in 3D in this tactical space simulator with tons of RPG depth! Space has never looked so inviting - but images can betray... It has been two years since the end of the second Gemini war, and the situation in the war-torn system is further from resolution than ever before. Starpoint Gemini 2 is available through Steam, Good Old Games and other distribution services as well as a DVD box edition in some countries of the EU.

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Update v0.7015 brings an even amount of fixes, additions and upgrades to existing features.

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This one's quite extensive ladies and gentlemen, but it also took longer to deliver for which we sincerely apologize. We won't be highlighting any item as special this time. Instead, please check out the change-list below and as always... safe travels captains! :)

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Update v0.7015 change-list:

  • FIXED: Player ship customization parameters are now properly saved and loaded
  • FIXED: An error where the game could crash when using Give, Take or Take All actions on the Loot panel
  • FIXED: An error where ship price wasn't adjusted properly until redocking, after purchasing a License that modifies ship prices
  • FIXED: An issue related to game date being saved, loaded and displayed wrongly after loading a game
  • FIXED: Ships no longer get damaged when Transferring command
  • FIXED: Grappler will no longer deactivate automatically after capturing a grappled ship
  • FIXED: A problem where SETH platform only attacked ships that were hostile towards the player when the platform was released
  • FIXED: An problem where changing resolution in-game and resetting controls could cause cursor issues
  • FIXED: Heavy weapons no longer disappear from the ship if leaving a station when the heavy weapon ammo was depleted
  • FIXED: A graphical error on a flare texture
  • FIXED: An error where junkyard name was wrongly displayed in several instances
  • FIXED: Kojima model is now properly rendered in the Drydock screen
  • FIXED: A tooltip no longer appears when hovering the mouse over empty light weapon battery slots
  • FIXED: A critical error in the script system that could, in some instances, cause any script that uses pause to malfunction
  • FIXED: An error/exploit where jettisoning commodities added +2 commodities per stack
  • FIXED: An error that occurred when displaying mod information
  • FIXED: An issue with beam weapon effects that left them hanging in space
  • FIXED: The Reputation panel now displays outlaw faction info as intended
  • FIXED: Heroes can now be dragged with the Grappler across sector borders
  • FIXED: Energy transfer setup now resets on loading or starting a new game after already playing a session
  • FIXED: Rearming heavy weapons cost is now added into expenses on the Finances tab as a part of Purchases
  • FIXED: Asteroids and junk pieces are now properly calculated in the PhysX system
  • FIXED: An issue where using Go To command on the Starchart placed the target waypoint in the wrong location
  • FIXED: Rift skill now works on Heroes as intended
  • FIXED: A problem where NPCs would spawn at the same location when player uses T-Drive
  • FIXED: Available officers list in the Hiring section of stations/planets can now be scrolled
  • FIXED: Double-clicking on the Exit button of the Starchart no longer leaves the Starchart context menu open
  • FIXED: A problem where the ship was left on fire after docking
  • FIXED: Sit-rep notification after passing through a Wormhole will no longer appear if there is nothing to actually report
  • FIXED: Numerous text errors in all game versions
  • FIXED: A problem where anomaly effect was left active even after an anomaly had disappeared
  • FIXED: Numerous errors in German translation pack where wrong text was displayed
  • FIXED: A potential memory leak in scripts, where several ships bearing the same keyname could exist at the same time
  • FIXED: A problem where some structures and stations were placed too close to each other which caused their labels to overlap on the Starchart (more such instances remain and will be fixed)
  • FIXED: A problem where ship maneuverability was reduced on lower framerate
  • FIXED: An instance where a derelict name wasn't displayed properly
  • FIXED: A problem where the number of Troopers lost while passing through a wormhole was displayed wrongly
  • ADDED: NPCs can now appear using T-Drive
  • ADDED: New asteroid explosion sounds
  • ADDED: Ship explosions can now cause damage to nearby ships
  • ADDED: Asteroid explosions can now cause damage and/or other effects to nearby ships
  • ADDED: Derelict explosions can now cause damage to nearby ships
  • ADDED: You can now be hunted by pirate mercenaries anywhere in Gemini. The chance of this event increases with player Reputation.
  • ADDED: Boarding structures is now possible and can yield rewards and/or trigger global events (more various events will be added)
  • ADDED: Hacking structures is now possible and can yield rewards and/or trigger global events (more various events will be added)
  • ADDED: New notification screens to provide info to player when some situation occurs
  • ADDED: Anomaly scanning can now cause a backfire in the form of a damaging blast (and/or other effects)
  • ADDED: Hero ships can now be visually customized in advance, like the player's ship (manually in an external file).
  • ADDED: Several micro events that can occur when leaving stations (more will be added over time).
  • ADDED: Floating notifications above a boarded ship when a boarding event occurs
  • ADDED: Blast damage resulting from any explosion can damage nearby asteroids
  • ADDED: Heavy weapon projectiles try to avoid collision with obstacles
  • ADDED: Phaseshift Equipment added and can be used. For now only available on Vigo station, near planet Trinity.
  • ADDED: More bridge officer chatter lines
  • ADDED: All skills now have activation sound effects
  • ADDED: Sound effect to Borehole torpedo
  • ADDED: Flares database added, to allow additional flares (textures) to be added into the game easily
  • ADDED: Heavy weapon explosions now have effective blast radius and damage with the accompanying visual effect
  • ADDED: Shield resistances are now displayed with their bonuses on the Drydock->Ship panel
  • ADDED: Holographic panels placed around most stations
  • ADDED: Dynamic news system on station holo-panels now dynamically display/change the news they're showing, based on ongoing global events, bounty status and other factors
  • UPDATED: Station holo-panels visuals
  • UPDATED: Game world is now more stretched as we begin to use more of the world verticality. This is only the start and more work on that front remains.
  • UPDATED: Random ship spawning mechanics changed to increase overall traffic, but also allow more tweaks and variation
  • UPDATED: Now you can die on passing through Wormholes (until now, Hull could never be reduced to 0)
  • UPDATED: Weapon battery icons changed visually on the Shipyard->Comparison panels
  • UPDATED: Structures and stations can now be targeted/selected more accurately
  • UPDATED: Cloak can now disengage automatically if a collision occurs
  • UPDATED: Fire at Will now takes into account if a target is Marked. There is still a chance for your gunners to fire on other hostiles.
  • UPDATED: Purchasing new Equipment that you already have mounted on the quickbar, now automatically adds the new equipment to the mounted one
  • UPDATED: Ship is now properly oriented when exiting a wormhole
  • UPDATED: Ship system value is now calculated in the ship sell value
  • UPDATED: Increased structure hitpoints
  • UPDATED: Visual shockwaves optimized for better performance and lower graphics RAM usage
  • UPDATED: Increased Consumables prices
  • UPDATED: Increased Ore prices to make mining a more viable way of earning income
  • UPDATED: Asteroid chunks flying out from a larger asteroid now have reduced speed so they don't fly as far away as before
  • UPDATED: Autopilot will now try to avoid collision with any object (we've noticed some errors when avoiding stations, which will be fixed)
  • UPDATED: Randomly appearing anomalies now disappear when scanned
  • UPDATED: Licenses now appear in the Available Licenses list even if player is not allied with the faction providing the License
  • UPDATED: Critical hit visual effect
  • UPDATED: Shard and all ice asteroids received a visual overhaul
  • UPDATED: Most of the names of light weapons with better translations, with the great help of Noob, our helpful community member
  • UPDATED: Numerous instances of weirdly translated words with the help of our community members
  • UPDATED: Some stations now sell more commodities
  • UPDATED: The game log now records more detailed information to help us in determining potential and realized problems

If you're looking to get more info, check out our official Facebook page and our Twitter channel!

To find out more on how to go about modding Starpoint Gemini 2 even in its current beta stage, visit the Modding website!

If you're looking for Starpoint Gemini 2 Steam store page, look no further ;).

Thank you for reading and safe travels captain!


What a vast list of fixes, additions and updates. Seeing developers investing time and dedication is somehow rewarding...

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