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A 3D User interface for Microsoft Windows operating system This is the next generation user interface for Windows, which makes you feel like you are in a game while you use your desktop. You will be able to control it with new technologies out there such as Kinect and Leap Motion, and experience it on Oculus Rift VR headsets. We will let you create your own virtual worlds to become your desktop, and share your content with other users. This is pre alpha software and we need your support and feedback to create something really new and useful, something that has never been done before. Please join us in our quest to create first real 3D interface for OS that will open up a whole new dimension of interaction with your pc and make boring stuff fun. Thank you guys, and expect more news soon.. 3DEA team.

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A bit about current progress, and just to show that we are alive and kicking :)

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We have been working hard for the past couple of months, we had some big changes in the engine and we are preparing for the last push towards alpha. Alpha means that we added all features that we hoped for and now we need to polish them until beta.

So this is just a development update, we are working on few things right now, one of is complete mouse control so you don’t have to use keyboard any more to move around. Oculus rift users will find that especially useful. We have also enabled creating spaces from any folder dragged to global world and that removes windows explorer completely.
We will push smaller update next week containing those two features.

Two other things what we are working on now and I will explain what they are:

Context menu in 3D. We just started working on it, it will be done in about a month. Meaning you will have all context menus opening inside 3D, with nice and clean graphics, you will be able to leave menus around bookmarking them and all kinds of things that we decided to implement till beta.

The other thing that we are working on, and we have been hard at work for the last couple of months, streaming all Windows OS “windows” to SpaceSys 3D environment. Meaning if you run an app, it will open up inside SpaceSys 3D environment streamed on a texture on an object. You will be able to run all that you have in one environment. 100 of explorer tabs, you got it :)

With that released we come to an alpha. Those are the main features that were missing, and within two months we will release second update that will feature full windows inside 3D and 3D context menu.

I have to remind you that this is the first alpha and nothing close to a finished software. All of this that you saw till now was pre alpha, we need to clear the code and implement all kinds of functionalities to make it work as you would expect.

Couple of more things that we will need to port to 3D are taskbars, and Windows notifications so we can have seamless 3D working environment without 2D popping out.. We are close now and those are just details we need to work out, later!

We are working hard, the team is exhausted, we have no help from anybody but we push on. Graphics are on hold, we are preparing kickstarter campaign, and if you are feeling like helping, find us there when we reach alpha.

So far SpaceSys was free for all, and now we are locking it and opening the doors only to our supporters.
That was a hard decision, but that is a part of preparation for kickstart. I hope you guys understand, either that or bust, that is our situation right now. And we plan to push forward, there is no way to stop now.
Help us get greenlit here

Thank you all for your support so far, a small no name team!


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