In a far away future,after accomplish several technologic advances in Space travel and other stuff,scientists decides to see where we go after die. The result is not so good as we think. In an another dimension,the player controls Fix It,a space marine who after loses his legs in a war,becomes depressed and agree in be the subject to test the Ded-Temp ( The Machine which kill he for five minutes,using a little radiation wave that get out of Fix-It when he dies,the machine can decipher the place of origin of the wave,and with that,be teleported to that place.)

Being a Cinematic Platformer,Space Frontier is not a typical platformer,being screen per screen instead of a side scroller,Space Frontier counts with smooth animations and lots of cinematic moments,which the player can control Fix-It.
Another Feature,that is a vital thing to the main story,is,at several points of the game,Fix-It will die,but will appear in another dimension again.

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Space Frontier Content #1


Hi there,Dino here,and i here to do the first post with major changes of Space Frontier,and future changes.
The Tech-Demo is far to be done,but in the moment we at least have some good examples and cut scenes to show.
First of all,i want show to you the animations from the game,and when i said that,i mean the whole process of changing Space Frontier graphic style,changing the way to be the animations,and some little changes in Fix-It look.

Lets start with this image:
As you can see,there a really REALLY notable difference.
The first one is: The game was to be in an Comoddore 64 style,with a limited color pallet.
The Fix-It look was also different,initially he was like an Space Cop,with the spaceship name in his arms and body,he was to have a multi-function bag,sometimes would be a FlameThrower and other time would be a Jet-Pack.

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