Space Castle is a retro style platform adventure game with a mystery storyline that is similar in playability to the games Metroid by Nintendo and Cave story by Doukutsu Monogatari.

Bosses try to hamper the player from learning the true nature of the doctor. Most Malas believe that the doctor is the only one that can cure them before they turn into a monster like one Mala did. Are the Malas telling the truth?

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This game has an ending but will continue to be programmed. Plans are to have a mini map system, more maps to create, more puzzles, more tile graphics, increased monster difficulty based on weapon used, etc.


    • Day and night system.
    • Vines, water currents, special blocks, fall damage.
    • Increased monsters based on power-ups.
    • Fun for the entire family.
    • Three gun power-ups.
    • Player can enter pipes.
    • Hidden objects.
    • Lave pits and ice blocks.
    • Zelda like maps.
    • Ability to warp to different levels.
    • Inventory system.

See the wiki for more information.

The game has an ending. However, because this is an open source project, the game will continue to be updated and new versions released. Therefore, if you like this game and want to play it again then you should download the release from Space Castle releases. The files are only on this site in case the Space Castle website goes offline for awhile.

This game is beta and all feedback is welcome. If you see a bug then please post a detail about how to reproduce the bug at Space Castle issues.

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Space Castle Linux

Space Castle Linux

Full Version

Download the Linux CPP build v0.6.0 of the Space Castle game.

Space Castle Windows

Space Castle Windows

Full Version 1 comment

Download the Windows CPP build v0.6.0 of the Space Castle game.

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