Soldier of Fortune II follows up where the original installment finished off. Boasting one of the finest arsenals of weapons and various different usages in-game such as the always enjoyable akimbo styles this game has quickly become a favourite among the more trigger happy out that. Another positive is that generally you are fighting humans adding to a more enjoyable gaming experience. With such a fine game base available, it was not long before various modification authors turned their skills to hacking and enhancing this game even further! The result? Well some insanely fun and furiously paced modifications which have somehow managed to make this game even more gory than it was previously.

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Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix is a mediocre sequel to the original masterpiece. It sure was lengthy, with an interesting storyline and a variety of weapons. But, the last were not well balanced, the game itself was a bit buggy and you couldn't really attach yourself to any of the heroes. Nonetheless, it deserves a try from original SoF fans.

A fantastic and near perfect bloodbath of a game :)

The graphics are fantastic and the violence is sure the quench your sadism, probably even more so then todays splatter-fests.

Find a copy now! :D


This game had some of the best MP parts of any game ever, wellbalanced maps that was fun to play, none of that crapage of "classes this and classes that" that ruined Wolf:ET totally, such a shame the MP part of SoF2 is virtually dead or id be playing this excellent game still, the SP part is also very good, many, varied maps, from streets of Prague (which has a certain N64 Goldeneye feel over itself, bonus points to that) to military bases in northern Russia to jungle action and helicopter rides (cough Apocalypse Now cough lol), loads of guns to choose from, incl some nice Akimbo ones, and since its an older game, everyone can run it without any probs, and its on the great Quake 3 engine, so its easy to mod, and its set on an affordable pricetag since it is older, so theres NO reason not to buy this excellent game, trust me if you like FPS games you WILL enjoy every second of it!


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