Snake Evader is an 1-4 player action game that revolves around avoiding snake-like opponents, collecting points, and surviving for as long as possible.

You must collect as many Golden Eggs as you can while avoiding the malicious Pyceptors, who will grow to great lengths to dispose of you. Each Pyceptor has its own personality, and they all work together! The game will feature four modes with various play styles and a single-player story mode.

Snake Evader is currently still in development.

Since time immemorial, the Nuuta and the Pyceptors, two complex robotic races, have been at odds. At the center of this conflict are the Golden Eggs, the supreme power source. Queen Dragon, ruler of the Pyceptors, has constricted the supply of Golden Eggs with an iron grasp. As a result, the Nuuta race is at the precipice of extinction...

You and the other Nuuta know that now is the time to fight back. Pushing back against the enemy Pyceptors, you must force your way into the forgotten domains seized by the enemy and take back as many Golden Eggs as you can. With perseverance, you will reach Queen Dragon herself. Only then may this conflict be ended, once and for all...

Game Modes:

  • Evader Mode - Collect Golden Eggs while avoiding four robotic snakes, each with its own personality traits. Complete objectives to unlock characters. Fight the big boss!
  • Maze Mode - Navigate labyrinths, collect cores, avoid diverse enemies, and battle 7 super-powered rival characters in Combat Mode showdowns in 48+ maps!
  • Survival Mode - It's like Evader Mode, but with 2-4 human or AI players. Collect the most eggs and survive until the end to win!
  • Combat Mode - Collect Platinum Eggs to grow your own trail of flames and trap your opponents!

Other features:

  • 1-4 player local competitive play with 64 selectable maps.
  • Dozens of secret characters with puzzling unlock conditions.
  • Lots of super-secret hidden content to discover and unlock.


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Snake Evader - Greenlit!


A few days ago, after Steam Greenlight had been retired, Valve began pouring over the remaining games that weren't Greenlit in order to decide which ones they would give the "O.K."

We're very pleased to inform you that Snake Evader has been Greenlit! So, whenever the game is complete, it will be released on Steam. And, of course, we'll be sure to include all the extra goodies that Steam users have come to expect.

Thanks to anybody who voted while the process was still active.

- J. (Plasma Captain)

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