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haihatsu says

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Da gib ich dir recht.
Da ich nicht gut englisch kann hab ich es tum teil verstanden.

Lg Haihatsu


InriveX says

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Didn't scared me... If you want to improve it, recreate it first from scratch and just...aaarhg i don't know.
And be honestly: This didn't took 4 days to programm. If anyone want to recreate this game, he just drops a fps-controller prefab from unity into the scene, creates a simple random script that lets slender appear in front of you and designs some terrain. I think this took 1 hour to make...
But i think before you start your next project, you should just learn better/more scripting and then you could create a good game!

So: Go on, learn, take your time and you could create a good game! :D


Szamer says

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It has it's good jumpscares but the game really isn't anything yet. You have a lot of work to do.


DiabolicalWaffle says

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It would be good if you actually put even a little bit of time & effort into your game.


Ulrik54 says


wiesenwiesel says

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