Slender Anime Contamination: Es un juego indie terror echo en unity 3d orientado a los fanáticos del anime

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brandon4117 says

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The game had some genuinely scary moments.
The character that stalks you is very creepy and I've never seen it before so it's original, and the sudden switch halfway through the game with all the images was very unnerving.
The lighting could be fixed, and the mouse should be locked and disappear. The game should also have an exit button (Such as escape) because without it you have to open task manager or x out of it if it's windowed.
Some placement of walls and such are a little wonky, and you can't run very well, plus it's hard to tell what you need to do or what you need to find for most of the gameplay.
It should be more up front about it, as I had no idea at first where to go or what to do.
Other than these complications - that while minor, drastically brought down the fun for me and my friend - The game has a very creepy feel to it, especially with no music for the first half, building tension.
And the jumpscares, while Minor, were scary. Not enough to make you cry, but enough to shock you and make you jump a bit.
Needs work, overall, but it may be a promising game with some changes.


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