Sleepless Night is a short horror visual novel about Haru, the protagonist of Marcel Weyers' book series "Shadow-Trilogy". You team up with Haru to work on a school project. However, in this night something strange happens and you are trapped in your own room. Try to escape and try to stay alive! The game is available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish.

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Too short and isn't scary, especially as compared with Ladies' Night(mare). Can serve only as something like a demo for 2nd part.


First thing you get is to choose your name : somehow useless in this short game, and also annoying to enter each time you restart. The musics and sounds are well used, and fit perfectly. The text is also good, once Haru disappears, but before that, it doesn't feel right, and it feels like a yaoi. I just concluded the MC is supposed to be a girl. There is useless talk about some people we will never see. Overall, it's a nice novel to spend ten minutes on.

very great for your first visual novel, maybe you need update make new/secret ending that makes this game's ending not bizzare ;), keep working toward your next project


A good game ! :D

Completely fails as both a novel and a game. The best I can say is that its price is fair.

Not scary, unoriginal endings, bad variety of choices, awful storyline, bad character development, unclear what even happened at the end.


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Good job! :D is not a masterpiece but it looks that they have worked hard for it ^^ I hope new games like this.

I did 4 kinds of death and I ended the game correctly hahaha.

I didnt expected that he was a vampire .3. but yus, its a nice story with a short game, nice graphics, small bugs and great sound.



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