Henry Townshend wakes up one day to find that he's trapped inside his apartment with no escape... until he finds a hole in the wall that leads to a parallel dimension, a terrifying place.

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TriNecatoR says

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I'll give this game 10. Maybe, you'll think I'm crazy, but no, I really think this game deserve it. Yes, it's most contradictive part of original SH series, Yes, this game is really hard. Yes, it brokes some good SH traditions. But this is its speciality, its originality, individuality. Its creators made some experiments in gameplay and I like the result. They just wanted to add some originality to new game. It's risky, it's always risky. The old fans are waiting for classic gameplay, revolutions may fear them. And it's happened to SH4... But if you need something new, if you're looking for non-standard ideas, you need to try SH4. If you can fight against difficulties, you'll see, that this game is pretty good in some way.

And soundtrack is excellent!


Necroticmutox says

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My favorite game in the series, it felt to me like a breath of fresh air with its different take on gameplay and setting, mostly after the previous title ,Silent Hill 3, which felt like a SH greatest hits ver. The pc port feels a bit rushed due to some missing hauntings in the apartment later in the game and the gameplay framerate is locked at 30 fps. However it has almost non existent loading times when compared to the console versions.


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