Every seven years the seven kingdoms send their best and brightest young people to be their delegates at the Vail Isle Summit. A tradition where seven weeks are spent together to form friendships, alliances and marriages. This year, however, things are different. Since the Great Peace, never have alliances been so close to collapse, the seven nations on the razor’s edge of war. What happens at this summit could very well determine the fate of the known world. You are one of the delegates. In this world of politics, intrigue and danger will you find love? Make friends? Alliances? Or will you fail and be forced to watch as the world once again crumbles into destruction and despair? It is your story and it is not yet written. 7KPP is an otome visual novel that has a hugely customizable main character and can be extremely challenging. Not through combat, but through people. Your conversations and choices matter hugely. Find out more about the game at: sevenkingdomsgame.wordpress.com

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