The game you are trying to view has ceased development and consequently been archived. If you are a member of this game, can demonstrate that it is being actively developed and will be able to keep this profile up to date with the latest news, images, videos and downloads, please contact us with all details and we will consider its re-activation.

CURRENTLY INACTIVE Seasons Forever:Winter Wars Deathmatch style snowball fighting with added special techniques, techniques called Hype Specials' The snowball throwing will be assisted by a slight prediction aim, so if you throw the Snowball in the direction of the person running, it will be thrown in the predicted path of the person running' The Specials will consist of damage attacks along with some defence techniques too, such as Multi-Snowball attack which throws multiple snowballs and SnowWall which the character pulls out a big defensive SnowWall to hide behind' Techniques are subject to be modified' There are 10 Characters'

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SeasonsForever Comes Back

SeasonsForever Comes Back

News 6 comments

After being in Hibernation, we've created a new site to go with our game. I hope you enjoy the look of it, I personally enjoy the look of it. Anyway...

SF:WE becoming Standalone

News 12 comments

Seasons Forever:Winter Edition (SF:WE) has taken a different road, we've left the quake 3 engine because we seriously had lack of interest of coders...

Vote For Us


Hey everyone, HOPEFULLY people who do check the site and try to see if we've made any progress, thanks to those fans and we have been going through...

SForever - David Ingame

News 5 comments

SeasonsForever may seem to be going slow but of course people do have school and social lives. Don't worry though, the code is moving along (Not...

Busy Times - <3


Its true, its been busy times. Son-Goku has agreed to join us in the crusade to get code done for the mod. He been working as fast as he can and I know...

SForever - Custom Character Competition!

News 9 comments

SForever is Holding a Custom Character Competition. YOU CAN BE MADE BY THE SFOREVER TEAM TO BECOME ANOTHER CHARACTER IN THE MOD! Want to be a character...

MOTM - Seasons Forever!

News 5 comments

Hey everyone! This months "Mod of the Month" is Seasons Forever! Here is a little snippet from an interview I had with the team leader, jian: ForK: Ok...

Seasons Forever!

Seasons Forever!

Feature 17 comments

Based on the four seasons, Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring, Seasons Forever is the most unique mod seen in a long time and well deserving this months...

SForever featured in PCGamer UK

News 71 comments

Seasons Forever is now featured in the September Issue of PCGamer UK, Mark Sutherns (Technical Editor) had noticed SForever by the shear unique ideas...

Happy Birthday SForever!

News 2 comments

Its been a year already for seasonsforever, first few months being an on and off affair and deciding on a definate engine, we eventually fell to quake...

SForevers HUD Vote Begins


Registered users can vote on their favourite HUD designs that a few people have created. Please join in, your vote counts.

SForever, All Characters done.

News 6 comments

At SForever we've been working fast to get as much done as possible and we have many pictures to show for it. All the SeasonsForever characters are finished...

SForever - Models and Map

News 3 comments

SForever has been definatly stepping up a notch to get to build status and we're almost there. We have 6 characters fully done so far, here are the new...

Quick News


This series is not for HL2 (not yet anyway), it is QUAKE 3! !!!!!!!!!QUAKE 3!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway other news, DarkSamurai has left us, he is too busy with...

Forums Live or Die?

News 1 comment

Due to lack of activity, I have decided to give the public the voice to decide weather our forums stay or go. Please express your opinions Thanks jian

Forum Bug


Sorry for the time wasting, but the forum had a buggy database so we redid the forum. please rejoin Look forward to seeing you.



!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FORUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks jian



I apologize for the title of this news but really its all I had in this empty head of mine. Anyway back to business, things have been quickening up lately...

Big Mod Profile News


Lately we have had some set back because of busy members. Diesel and Frank are both flat out but as soon as they have some time they will be working on...

Coming Soon


Hello again from the SF team. We're swiftly moving along the progression ladder and coming close to actually having a full playable mod. Michael right...

Seasons Forever Brand new News

News 3 comments

Quite a lot I guess, but here I go with SeasonsForever's news. Engine News: Being that Half-Life 2 has been delayed several times and noone really knows...

New Character Done


The newest Character to be done for the Winter mod of the Seasons Forever Series is Lee, his body was made by myself and the head done by Frank, the skin...

SeasonsForever's Media Frenzy

News 7 comments

*SORRY MODWATCHERS... OLD NEWS, JUST CHANGED THE DEADLINKS (TOTALLY USELESS ANYWAY)* Some of you will know SeasonsForever already and some may know that...

For we are live!


lol If your wondering on the lack of updates or WHATEVER, its cause of the huge delay from HL2, but this shouldnt effect the models being made i hear...

Burrr, getting cold.

News 1 comment

I havent posted anything yet, cause im building the pictures up, I have created 3 character models and skins but they dont have heads, they are gonna...

SPRING IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We have a Concrete idea for spring... and no it is not the ooks vs domo-kun idea (sorry) CHECK THE SITE Spring has the about and news updated.



I know HL2 hasn't came out yet, but WFO has all its weaponry modeled and ready. We Have changed something to the models for ALL seasons forever, its called...

Furry Snowballs

News 2 comments

Here comes a bit more weirdness into the mod, these lil critters may look cute, but they are extremely tough, named Ooks. I could spend age explaining...

When 1 become a Series...

News 3 comments

From 1 profile mod, we have changed the name, Thanks to Intense, to Seasons Forever which is the full series of seasons. Each season mod will contain...



Thanks to City-17 or precisely Storm, a writer for city-17. He gave me an interview about AFO yesterday. Here's a little look. Storm: You mentioned special...

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