This is a little game i am making to show the battle system i am working on, the SBS(static battle system or special battle system), the game will feature... the Little K, a character i made to use in my systems show of. System Features: - Achievements - Character Selection Screen - Up to a thousand characters support - Custom Attacks support - Turn based battle system - Critical, defense, combo attack and item system build inside. - Easy customization Game Features: - Dozen of characters - A lot of Fuc*ass achievements - And... Little K!!!!

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i am starting the development of the game, i expect that this will be complete until February, i don't know yet... i will try to have a demo until Thursday, if there's no demo until Thursday you will have to wait until seven of January because i will be a little too busy to work on this, my girlfriend will be here and... well, she is so much more important XD

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